Reflecting again

Reflect Flyer
This is happening very soon!!

Less than two weeks until I’ll be back in the studio with Sue and my amazing cast mates to get this show ready for performance. Can’t quite explain how excited I am for this. I am coming to the end of a couple of months break between projects and am so keen to get back into the studio. Plus, Sue Peacock is one incredible lady… an amazing choreographer without a doubt, but more than that, she never stops being our teacher and mentor in the studio. Not all people work this way and it such a privilege to be in a supportive and encouraging space and to be growing as a dancer throughout the process.

See what Sue had to say about our last development period in December and then get your butts to the show in May.

Short Cuts – time to create

Heading back into the studio very soon to continue work on a project which began last year during my Chapel Space Residency. Ella, Izzy and myself started exploring the concepts of memory and learning: that feeling of nostalgia that overwhelms us at times; those moments that seem just out of reach, hiding in the depths of our past; and the ways these memories form and how this contributes to our learning patterns. Last year, Ella and Izzy were unable to be in the studio for the whole residency and I presented the outcomes as a short solo work. This time around, we will revisit our process from last year and continue on as a trio, choreographing and performing together as part of Strut’s Short Cuts season which will be happening in a couple of months. The little vid below is from footage captured last year at The Chapel, a little sneak peak into where this project began and how it was presented first time around… and a reminder that this is where the blog began, Chapel Space residency little snippets of our progress.

on the edge…

Back in the studio with the crew working on Precipice. Rachel is working us hard again, and I have come to expect nothing less from her. Each day starts with her technique class, sharing the studio with other Perth dancers, followed by a session of David Zambrano’s Passing Through technique (read: lots of running!) to build on our group awareness and dynamic, and then into some hard core partnering work until lunch. The boys are working hard; lifting us, carrying us, lowering us, spinning us – generally being really awesome and doing all the muscle work! And Rachel’s faith in us all as dancers is really encouraging. Each day I question whether I can do everything she is throwing at me, but her confidence in me makes me determined to get there.

This process is unlike most I have been a part of before, in that Rachel doesn’t set us tasks to create the movement material, but comes in each day with a starting point and crafts the work from there. We work slowly and carefully, piecing the work together gradually, only having to making small changes when we revisit things the following day. Perfecting someone else’s movement style is tough – at first it doesn’t all connect – but Rachel moves in such a way that makes perfect sense once I overcome that first hurdle of “oh shit, how the hell do you do that?!”. The off-balance, suspension and redirection of momentum, and impossible turns are getting easier and more fluid. The feeling of satisfaction when you finally nail those things which were initially so challenging is immense.

This work is difficult, challenging me physically and technically at every turn. I’m tired, sore, my feet are blistered and I’m mentally drained at the end of each day. But we dancers are a crazy bunch, we somehow still love what we do despite all this. And of course, I feely incredibly lucky to be working on this project alongside four of my closest peers, who are constantly inspiring me and pushing me to be better through their all around amazingness… thanks Niggy, Rooney, Manny and Linny

Pics by Emily Bowman

I get paid for this…?!

I have to keep pinching myself that I am actually getting paid to hang out in the studio with these three amazing ladies. Isabella Stone, Ella-Rose Trew, and Jenni Large, it has been a pleasure dancing and creating with you these past few weeks. Thanks Strut for giving us this opportunity and to the lovely Emma Fishwick for the cool pics!

Come at me Ella, I'm ready for you...

Come at me Ella, I’m ready for you…

check out the facials...

Check out the facials…

So much thought...

So much thought…

It's up there somewhere

It’s up there somewhere

Collection of Choreography and Performances


I only found this video the other day and it makes me so excited when I think about working with Sue, Jenni, Tyrone, Kynan, Aisling and Bernie again in December!

I’ve been watching it over and over again to alleviate the stress of grant writing sessions. Yay for dance!

Features of Habit

Now that I have a few weeks off following Personal Political Physical Challenge, I’ve had some time to dig out the link to my dance film, Features of Habit.  It was filmed on site at Il Circolo on Angove St, North Perth and features the awesome contributions of Patty Madden (Director) and George Capelas (Original Music Composition), in addition to my sensational dancers!

I was very fortunate to have such an amazing group of people to work with and I am certain the film would not have been selected for showing at the NexT International Film Festival and the Be Active Dance Week season without your awesome efforts!

Personally Politically and Physically Challenged

A huge thank you to everyone who came and saw the show and/or supported us through our Pozible campaign.  We were all thrilled to finish the season with a sold-out performance! Yay!

Looking forward to dancing with Ella-Rose Trew, Isabella Stone and Jenni Large in October!

Personal Political Physical Challenge – Update

A huge thank you to everyone who has made it along to the show so far.  There are still tickets available to the show, although it looks as though closing night may sell out so hurry if you’re looking to come along on Saturday!

Here are a few pics from the Hydra Poesis Facebook page.



Personal Political Physical Challenge

I’m very excited to say that I will be working with Perth-based independent artist Sam Fox in the remounting of his production Personal Political Physical Challenge!  I am excited to dance with Rachel Ogle again and am looking forward to working with fantastic dancers like James Wellsby, Bianca Martin and Heath Barrett.

The show will run over two weeks in the Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne in August!

For more information on the show and the company Hydra Poesis, check out their Facebook page.