Month: May, 2012

Screen Shot Fun

One of those moments that we paused the video recording at just the right time 😉

A few pics…

Half Way Mark

Two weeks down, two to go… ‘Uncollected’ is progressing slowly but surely and I am getting really excited about the rest of our time in the studio. I spent the day with Ella and Izzy, filming the work we have made so far. Because the girls will be in Europe when our showing takes place, we decided to film what we make and create projections which will be part of my solo. Now for the fun part of editing (which I will thankfully have some help with!) and piecing together the live aspect with the film/projections. Here is a little sneak preview of what was filmed today…

A month long residency

For the next few weeks I get to hang out in the studio with some of my favourite people, making some cool dance moves, and showing them off to the public at the end of the month. Thanks to Claudia Alessi at The Chapel Space in Perth, Yilin, Tyrone and I are each making our own solo works, as well as a combining our talents to create a trio. I am lucky enough to be making my ‘solo’ with two other gorgeous creatures, Isabella and Ella-Rose, who will feature in the showing by way of film, seeing as they will be flitting around Europe when the performances take place. I would love nothing more than for you to join us in the studio when we show off what we have developed during the residency. In the meantime, I invite you to check out my progress through this blog, where I plan to post photos, short vids, and perhaps even a few words. Not always my own though, I want to share what is inspiring me during this process, not only what I am producing.