Short Cuts – time to create

by stormhelmore84

Heading back into the studio very soon to continue work on a project which began last year during my Chapel Space Residency. Ella, Izzy and myself started exploring the concepts of memory and learning: that feeling of nostalgia that overwhelms us at times; those moments that seem just out of reach, hiding in the depths of our past; and the ways these memories form and how this contributes to our learning patterns. Last year, Ella and Izzy were unable to be in the studio for the whole residency and I presented the outcomes as a short solo work. This time around, we will revisit our process from last year and continue on as a trio, choreographing and performing together as part of Strut’s Short Cuts season which will be happening in a couple of months. The little vid below is from footage captured last year at The Chapel, a little sneak peak into where this project began and how it was presented first time around… and a reminder that this is where the blog began, Chapel Space residency little snippets of our progress.