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Reflecting again

Reflect Flyer
This is happening very soon!!

Less than two weeks until I’ll be back in the studio with Sue and my amazing cast mates to get this show ready for performance. Can’t quite explain how excited I am for this. I am coming to the end of a couple of months break between projects and am so keen to get back into the studio. Plus, Sue Peacock is one incredible lady… an amazing choreographer without a doubt, but more than that, she never stops being our teacher and mentor in the studio. Not all people work this way and it such a privilege to be in a supportive and encouraging space and to be growing as a dancer throughout the process.

See what Sue had to say about our last development period in December and then get your butts to the show in May.


I only found this video the other day and it makes me so excited when I think about working with Sue, Jenni, Tyrone, Kynan, Aisling and Bernie again in December!

I’ve been watching it over and over again to alleviate the stress of grant writing sessions. Yay for dance!

Personal Political Physical Challenge

I’m very excited to say that I will be working with Perth-based independent artist Sam Fox in the remounting of his production Personal Political Physical Challenge!  I am excited to dance with Rachel Ogle again and am looking forward to working with fantastic dancers like James Wellsby, Bianca Martin and Heath Barrett.

The show will run over two weeks in the Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne in August!

For more information on the show and the company Hydra Poesis, check out their Facebook page.